Horse racing has been one of the World’s favourite pastimes for ages. Be it the occasional punter or the Uptown owner, everyone joins the party whenever rings the bell and cheers its flag bearer on his way home. From every path of live, everywhere on this Planet, a same passion moves crowds and gets the members of a High Society to face each others through their best horses.

Americans, Europeans, British, Arabs, Asians, Indians, Africans, Australians horseracing enthusiasts all feel at home wherever there’s a racecourse to visit in the World. And there are plenty. Everywhere. Like soccer, NBA or cricket fans, they all talk the same language when it comes to their champions, their stables, their stud farms and their yearlings. They play… and they get to know each other too.

You too can pick up your players, build up your team the way you want it to be, invest for fun or for money, or both, issue your trademark and create your logo (that is your silks), change strategy whenever you feel like it, enjoy the show anytime and live the life of the racehorse owner as fully as you want…

The power remains yours of course, and you’re in command as much as you like. But your team continues to run and your colours to shine whenever other matters require your attention.

With Pegasus Farms, you can enjoy horseracing fun without restrain.


Hervé Barjot, the founder of Pegasus farms Ltd, was raised in a Normandy stud farm, like his parents and grandparents before him. He became a bloodstock agent after a World trip in the business most reputable franchises in Ireland, Australia, United States and, naturally, France. He became his own man in 2002, when he set up Pegasus to advise and help investors to make their dream of a successful stable/stud farm come true.

His job is to find the right horses for the right men, according to their wished and their goals, and his expertise lies in the judgment of the thoroughbred, regardless of his age, pedigree and nationality. Whether you want to own a Cheltenham Festival winner or a Dubai World Cup night contender, or breed a band of outstanding yearlings to be sold at auction, Hervé has the answer you need since he’s been on those roads before.


On the spot at all the Bloodstock World’s major sales and race meetings, he can pick any horse anywhere to suit your needs and meet your expectations. Buying or selling becomes a game with such an advisor on your side, and it can provide some tax relief in many countries, including France!

Not only an advisor in bloodstock investment and management, Hervé Barjot has also developed new activities within Pegasus farms Ltd, such as founding a stud farm from scratch, advising racing and betting organizations setting up, education of racing and breeding workforce, horse feeding, etc.